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1970-2020 : ARC-Nucléart celebrates its 50th birthday this year !

30 June 2020

1970-2020, it has been 50 years since the Grenoble team of ARC-Nucléart put gamma irradiation at the service of the heritage in two major fields of application: biocidal treatments and wood reinforcement thanks to a radio-polymerizable resin.
Thousands of wooden objects, either from archaeological excavations or polychrome wood carvings, whose wood has been very degraded by microorganisms present in the soil, insects, moulds… , could be saved only through these processes.
Note that ARC-Nucléart is still the only one in the world to practice the strengthening of wood called Nucléart treatment on Heritage objects 

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ARC-Nucleart team celebrate its 50th birthday

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