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PALAZZO DUCALE OF VENICE, Private Rooms of Doge, Venice (Italy),  Demo 7

DEPARTMENTAL MUSEUM OF ARLES, Preventive conservation of the boat or barge, Arles (France),  Demo 5

DAUPHINOIS MUSEUM, People of Alps permanent exhibition, Grenoble (France), Demo 3

BIM, Layer Demo

The integration of BIM with real-time data from the IoT devices presents a powerful paradigm to support conservation management of small and medium-sized museums.
The Video presents a DEMO of the BIM Interface that will be available on the SENSMAT platform.

ALEXANDRA DAVID NEEL, Museum and House, Digne (France), Demo 4

JOANNEUM STYRIAN ARMOURY, Museum and storage area, Graz (Austria), Demo 9 & 10

CEA ARC NUCLEART, Infrastructures, workshop and storage area, Grenoble (France), Demo 1 & 2

STRANDINGS MUSEUM II St GEORGE, Thorsminde (Denmark), Demo 8

LUGDUNUM MUSEUM, Lyon (France), Demo 6